Sunday, September 25, 2022

What a hiatus

Quick note made under the perhaps misguided apprehension anyone cares: I've let this lay fallow for I think the longest hiatus in the blog's history, not through any particular designsure, the pervasive "what is the point?" demotivation that hits me whenever I compare Kinemalogue's readership to, for example, the viewership of even the dumbest YouTube morons, is probably some kind of causal factor, but not the causal factorbut because 1)I've been charged with a downright unusual amount of overtime work for my firm and 2)some manner of illness that I don't think was covid, but, shit, might've been a bacterial sinus infection that opened a door for covid.  Either way, I feel pretty poorly.  (These don't contradict each other that much: the lack of satisfaction or interest are perennial bummers, but the job has its upsides, too.)

Anyway, that's all.  Regular programming should resume at some point soon whenever I work up the energy to puts words to paper for an already half-complete review of Tora! Tora! Tora! (more Fleischer, yeah!) and a review of Don't Worry Darling (sure do wish I liked that movie more, given how much life YouTube morons sucked from it in pursuit of their parasitic work).  Go with God, you amorphous, largely-invisible people that I pretend exist!


  1. Oh no, hope you feel better and get some time to rest. We are here waiting but no rush!

  2. Feel better soon, Hunter! Both mentally and physically! It's a roller coaster these days.